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My bio

At age 9, my best friend showed me a magic trick; it was performed up close, right in front of my eyes. This was different from all the times when I had seen magic on TV because, for the first time, I was able to physically touch the props. Simply stated, I was hooked, and I had to know how the trick worked. I asked my friend where he learned this illusion, and little did I know, the answer to this question would set me off on an amazing journey.

            My journey started at a world famous magic shop in downtown New York City. On my first visit, I was absolutely mesmerized. The walls were stacked with books, DVDs, and various different illusions ranging from stage to parlor to close up. For my first purchase, I chose the classic linking ring trick along with an old gaffed deck. I remember spending the entire evening perfecting my techniques with the new props. And it was then when I knew that I found something that I loved.

            After countless visits to the magic shop, after attending various lectures and seminars, and after thousands of hours of practicing and creating, I was ready to go out into the world. When I started performing professionally, I began at a local business and small family gatherings. Since then, I have performed at my camp, private parties, restaurants, charity events, and more; I have even been asked various times to perform on TV and in live competitions. Wherever I go, I am always prepared to perform. Today, I work my hardest to give people the spectacular feeling that I first experienced while seeing amazing magic take place in front of my eyes.


MY Style

             I currently specialize in a cognitive, elegant, and thought-provoking style of close-up magic. At each private event, I strive to perform incredible and unforgettable mental miracles, leaving each and every guest with numerous impossible memories. While at shows, you'll find me confidently approaching groups to share my magic while reaching inside of their thoughts. I enjoy not only showing magic, but sharing magic as well. It's never a 'show and tell' when I perform: everybody is participating and part of the act. At my shows, I guarantee you that you will not see a cliché cheesy magician; you will see something special, something unforgettable, and something like you've never seen before. 


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You're a fantastic example of the incredible talent your generation has. Keep up the great work!  

Larry Wilmore - Comedian and TV producer

Watching Ethan Zack perform was a fantastic experience. I definitely hope to see more of his magic.

Your mind reading and magic skills were extremely professional and astonishing. I can't stop thinking about some of the things you performed!

Hiring Ethan was a simple and straightforward process. In addition, his performance was fascinating. I highly recommend him!

Hi Ethan, just wanted to sincerely think you foryour time at the Celebrate U! fundraising event!
You were a hit! 

-Celebrate U" organization founder